Have you looked at QOF QI (LD and cancer) yet?


Use the Primary Care IT QOF QI package to help! Includes searches and guides to help you answer the template questions efficiently.

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Are you struggling with the COVID QOF requirements? png

Primary Care IT have developed OnePriority to help you with this. This will identify patients that need recalling to achieve your QOF targets and make sure your care is directed at the highest priority patients.

OnePriority helps you to prioritise the Long Term Condition recall for your practice at this difficult time.  Based on an array of over 100 clinical and social clues from the medical records, it provides a systematic approach to identifying the most vulnerable patients.  Using rules that make logical sense to a primary care team, it is built with the firm principle that no one is excluded from care but that some patients may benefit from being identified sooner.

Join us at our launch webinar to learn more. Click here to register for the webinar and get access to the free tools.  You will get an email asking you to confirm your email address (this may go into junk).  You MUST confirm your email in order to receive the tools.

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If you haven't seen our recent webinars, you might like to watch again.

  • The first one was a general hints and tips about using EMIS Web, including a section on the various options for working at scale from EMIS Health
  • The second one was a Q&A session on questions submitted via our Facebook group
  • By popular demand the third one was about complex concepts and protocols

New Tools!

We have some awesome new tools for our Enhanced subscribers and above.  Click here to see a video of how OneResults, OneMonitoring and OneRecall can revolutionise your practice.  All of the details for getting going with these are on our knowledge base