Enhanced Package

This package involves support from our team to make the most of the tools we offer.   We adapt the tools to include any locally commissioned services, optimise the forms you need for your referrals following an NHS healthcheck and build local child safeguarding tools for you.  Our team visit your surgery and spend a day with you setting the tools up and introducing them to your team.  Best for pteams who are inexperienced with EMIS web and need more support wiht change management, or who want dedicated head space with our experts to invest the time in making the tools work well for them.


  • OneTemplate - localised with your locally commissioned services
  • OneTemplate acute
  • Optimised forms for NHS healthcheck referral forms
  • Local safeguarding tools
  • Over 50 handy protocols
  • Flu tools
  • Frailty tools
  • One of our clinical pathways